The Enhanced Disability Management Program (EDMP)  provides customized support and services to address medical, personal, workplace and vocational issues that keep members from fully engaging in the workplace.

EDMP Participation is required for regular employees who meet one of the following criteria:

Missing one (1) shift due to illness or injury resulting from a work-related event

Missing five (5) consecutive shifts due to a non-work-related illness or injury.

Employees who are struggling at work and casual employees may also be referred, or self-refer, to the program, although services provided may vary.

Morneau Shepell is the chosen provider to deliver EDMP services to health sector affiliate employers who continue to be affiliated with the Health Benefits Trust (HBT).

Disability Management Institute (DMI) is the chosen provider to deliver EDMP to all health sector affiliate employers who receive benefits from Community Services Benefits Trust (CSBT).

Beacon Community Services will provide their own internal EDMP service.

You should have received notification from your employer about this program and important changes that are taking place about how illness and injuries are reported and the procedures that follow if you meet the criteria for referral to EDMP. If your Employer denies you access to EDMP, Please contact Community Health Disability Management. 


Community Health Disability Management (CHDM)

The EDMP is a collaborative Program that is jointly administered by the employer and your union. To assist members enrolled in EDMP, the CBA has created the Community Health Disability Management (CHDM) team.   The CHDM Union Representative and the Disability Management Professional will work together with the member and healthcare professionals to develop a case management plan that will assist in facilitating a safe, healthy and timely return to work.

The Community Health Disability Management team will represent all CBA members: BCGEU, UFCW 1518, HEU, CUPE, BCNU, USW 1-425 or CLAC (except HSA: CBA HSA members will be represented by an HSA EDMP representative). If you need information or assistance about EDMP in your workplace, contact: 

Community Health Disability Management

Tel: 604-371-0232

Toll free:  1-855-799-1104

Email:  support@CommHealthDM.ca


The CHDM website will provide you with important resources and links related to EDMP, your rights and responsibilities and your CHDM team at www.commhealthdm.ca

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